Are you a trucker or a long distance driver? Do you enjoy taking lengthy trips and enjoying the scenic view? Then this article is for you. Whether you are conveying goods on a deadline by road, or taking your family on a badly needed vacation, these 10 tips are specially crafted to keep you and your family safe and healthy till you get to your destination. So get a drink and adjust your seat, as I take you on a road trip on these 10 tips.

  1. Yes. Adjust your seat before you make that trip.

It is vital to make sure your seats are properly inclined or reclined before you thumb in the ignition. A properly adjusted seat increases blood flow throughout the body. As the hours go by, a part of the body may become numb during the course of your trip. The trick is to adjust your body from time to time prevent that tingly feeling of poor circulation Elaine Masters of Drivetimeyoga.com says:

If your right hip is feeling sore, for example, lean to the other side.

  1. Entertain the Young’uns.

A drive to Disney land may get boring midway to your destination. This can make your kids restive and easily irritated. Its best you think ahead and pack those handheld games and toys to prevent problems that may lead to less than a 100% concentration on the road.

  1. Buy Tons of Chewing Gum

Sounds crazy right, but is would be worth it. Chewing gum has been used for ages by coaches in the sports field. It has calmed tempers and reduced stress in many a bad football game. Chewing gum increases your mental alertness, prevents drowsiness, and increases blood flow.

So get yourself a pack of gum before you hit the road. As an extra tip, avoid snacks that get spoilt easily. Along with the gum, purchase healthy snacks such as granola bars.

  1. Get a map and Plan your stops

An important factor between a trip well spent and a disaster is a good map. Get yourself a map you understand. Plan your stops between relief breaks and meal times, and fueling for your vehicle so you get to your destination within the stipulated time.

  1. Hydration is key

The human body is 70% water. So its essential you keep it that way. Stock up on water so you stay hydrated on the road. On the flipside, this may mean more bathroom breaks. But hey,get lots of water. You’d be glad you did.

  1. Music on the move

The car stereo has evolved over the years. From tapes to compact discs, and now, with apple play and android auto, your long distance trip need not be boring ever again. Rather than stifle a yawn, open your mouths and sing along to your favourite tracks on the road.

  1. Check your vehicle before you move

A sound vehicle means half the trip is done and dusted. Conduct a maintenance check-up on your car and if you’re not the DIY type of guy, then take your car to the mechanic for a general check up on fluid levels, batteries, tires, lights, and the integrity of the chassis.

Make sure critical auto parts are well maintained and in top condition. You don’t want to spend half your vacation scouring the country side for a mechanic.

  1. Camp in campgrounds along the route

For truckers, this is not a problem. Most new trucks have a sleeping compartment incorporated into the 18wheeler. But for families cutting costs to make that vacation scale through, you could camp on designated campgrounds along your route. Make sure you bring a sleeping bag, repellant, and a tent along with you. One more thing, avoid camping where there is a bore or dam as livestock may cut shut your sleep during the night.

  1. Miscellaneous Expenses

Factor in extra funds for your trip. Nobody hopes to confront an emergency situation, but enough money in your pocket may mean the difference between life and death.

  1. Pack in an Emergency Kit

Be proficient in first aid procedures and stow away an emergency kit in your vehicle. It just might come in handy on your road trip.