Wrangler spring summer 2013 collection

For Spring-summer 2013 season the American brand took their good old Broken-Twill fabric out of the closet. A type of fabric they invented in 1964 to avoid the jeans legs twisting as it is with generic denim. Basically, you can usually see on denim diagonal lines, for broken twill, the fabric was woven in zigzag because of a reverse weft from both side of the chain. In the collection can also be found more and more Eco-treated products manufactured saving up to 50% water, energy and chemicals. In bonus we kepts few pictures of Wrangler’s great release for womenthis season: the Denim Spa range. Jeans made to look after her body thanks to the use of molecules enhancing skin hydration, even anticellulite!

wrangler spring-summer 2013-9

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