Who’s Next winter 2012: ready to wear

Tradeshows le 22 January 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Second day at the Who’s Next. Yesterday night was full of twists and turns, then we slowly started our walk around ready to wear brands today (after drinking one two few coffees…). One could not notice a real new big trend for AW12 but a come back to authentic pieces (which is already effective). Halfway between the “Bristish Gentleman” and “Vieille France” outfits: tweed blazers, heavy knits and checked shirts will be under the spotlight. Those would be matching lots of colored chinos and brogues derbies. As for our hiking boots, we would use those heavy chinos again and chambray shirts coming in many colors, patterns and highly customized with nice details. The hiker-lumberjack look’s masterpiece, either a peacoat or a fight jacket, would often feature a furry collar, or we could still keep our parka…

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  • PJ

    Another great update.

    What do you think the future holds for Barbour? Over in the UK, it seems to have been hijacked by the sort of people that i doubt Barbour would like to be associated with. It seems to be going the same way as Aquascutum & Burberry, in that association with chavs is cheapening the brand.

    I could never wear anything by Barbour anymore purely because of the connotations.

    Also, Dr Denim is offering some seriously nice items over here and the prices seem extremely reasonable, what would you say the quality is like? or what would you say it was comparable to?


  • http://www.frenchtruckers.com Romano as "the


    I don't know what you mean by "chavs" but I think that in the rest of Europe Barbour is a spearhead of the "Heritage" trend. More popular for hipsters.

    If your "chavs" has a literal meaning, I don't think this will come to other countries. Because in any country, chavs have their hijacked brands like Lacoste in France, wich I would still wear. It only depends of the way to match it.

    As for Dr Denim, I have met the founder several times, and it look like he has a strong denim experience, and a certain vision of the denim market. Their products are quite affordable, this is theyr purpose. To me this is higher quality compared to brands on the same price range. For example, my 1year old chinos are still ok. (buttons, fade and cut). Then I would definitely recommend Dr Denim instead of ASOS, Topman, Monkey Geenes, Selected…