White curved collar shirt

Selected le 5 September 2011 par Junior the “conker”

asos curved collar shirt

Last week, I have spotted on ASOS this shirt which main feature is a tiny curved collar. Having worn for a longtime its cousin from H&M, I can say how pleasurable is this caractheristic. The fact that it is tiny, a bit like a cutaway collar, makes it smart even without any tie. This impression of elegance is strengthened by a placket concealing the buttons. Guys, this is not the kind of shirt shouting loudly “Hey girls, tonight I’ve pulled my white shirt out!”. Just a sober shirt, somehow the anti ‘Tony Montana’ collar.

Well, the fit look O.K. but the finish is certainly mediocre in view of such a low price. But we won’t kid yourself, our interest in this shirt firstly came from its cheapness!

prix conseillé   £20

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