What to do if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to dress?

A real shame, something you can’t even imagine. Dating a gril who dresses like a scarecrow. There is one thing people keep repeating from our childhood: girls like to dress up to find their Prince Charming (actually you). That’s bad luck, you have met this girl at a costume party and had a crush on her, love at first sight, that’s strong, beautiful, but the real problem was: she was not disguised…

Ok, that is a bit exaggerated , but you get the idea. She is pretty, she has doe eyes but when you saw her again two days after, the conclusions were unquestionable, there was a real problem with her style.

How to slowly get her changing for a better style? Here are few anwsers with examples. We felt free sorting girls into categories, sorry girls but it is essential to understand. It is purely informative.


The frump

She like white. White trousers, white heels, white jacket, white belt, white varnis… Her ex was a 3rd division football player. The scnene is set. Never tell her she’s dressed too flashy, it would encourage her following this way she likes so much.

Emergency measure
Reducing the number of her U.V. sessions. You can use any stratagem, hiding her member card, trying to make he believe the effect will reverse someday… anything you can do, because her skin will soon turn orange, not possible any more Madam.

The example
Hard to find a converted frump. The kind of thing they have in their heart. Once a frump, always a frump. Nicole Ritchie could be an example, say-you-say-me’s little girl who was a hell of a frump with her BFF Paris Hilton in their TV show (The simple life), but she is now back on the right track.

The Hippy

She wears flared trousers or hemp harem pants and she never leaves her band from her hair. Of course, an Ethiopian child offered it at the end of her humanitarian mission there. At Tiken Jah Fakoly’s concert, between two songs, she talks about her future dreadlocks. This is the final straw.

Emmergency measures
It is vital to stop all those hair initiatives. It’s going from bad to worse. Leave her hair aside and inviter her discovering new ethnic designers. They are starting to be more and more like them and this would flatter her social and ecological principles.

The example
Whether people love her or not, Vanessa Paradis know how to mix hippy and à la française chic influences. She is the perfect example of a well-balanced hippy style and a certain idea of the evanescent woman.


The student

She loves tweed. Her jacket is way to large for her, but nevermid, as she stole it to her philosophy teacher leaving a poem just before the end of her high school years. Of course, she is a romantic and sais herself style comes after feelings… she may be true, but being with someone who care for his way to dress gives extra points.

Emergency measures
Everyone knows studying a doctorate is a difficult thing, but it is not a reason to go university library dressed in pyjamas. A first step could be, making her understand that well fitting closes aren’t necassarily expensive. She could even wear them with her 10 years of age Chucks.

The example
Sophie Marceau, in The Student, absolute fantasm…

The plump

She conceals her curves with loose-fitted and black clothes. Dull as ever. You don’t care about her curves, you even like them, so why trying to conceal them? Curves could be sexy if they areproperly shown.

Emergency measures
She has to know she could order clothes somewhere else than on catalogs. It is easier but really more complicated to find the right fit. Take her to the stores, straightly.

The example
Well, of course everyone pictures Beth Ditto, Gossip’s singer, but I can also name Christina Hendricks, Mad Men’s red-haired girl who wears long dresses like no one.

The classic

Scarf around the neck, bun, Marybeth does not exude happyness at the first sight. But you start to know her better and you find a funny, surprising girl, a total opposite from her naphthalene-traditional style. Your friends start calling you a baron and it gets on your nerves .

Emergency measures
Scottish patterns are swapped for something more fashionable, Liberty & Co… as for the Hermes scarf, better wearing it like a belt.

The example
There are many missus converted in sexy, in movies for example. Their thing is to bet on shirts and heels.


The anarchist

She likes khaki. You didn’t believe her when she said she had a Che Guevara tatooed on the calf. It was unfortunately true. You never saw her without hey camouflage jacket, German flag on the shoulder. She has already booked two tickets for the Festival of Humanity saying you will spend a lovely weekend.

Emergency measures
Trying to make her throw this khaki jacket she owns since 2003. Burning it isn’t a right solution, too much symbol in that. Get her a fitted leather jacket like a perfecto.

The example
Again, movies are full of examples…

The bling-bling hip-hop

She likes gold. People see her arriving from very far away. A flash of lights and you lose your eyesight. Careful, it does not mean she isn’t sensible and attentive, but it is truely complicated to kiss her in her neck full of heavy jewels and try to avoid her massive earrings. Most of all, she likes logos, walking aside her is like being on a catalog’s front page.

Emergency measure
Go sell her gold jewelery. All the money you will get can allow you renew her wardrobe.

The example
Girls wearing sneakers exist. Rihanna often wear a massive pair of Adidas x Jeremy Scott, she also likes wearing a hoodie to go to the bakery. True, it is Rihanna style, but she never makes any wrong choice.

The sporty

She likes polyester. She was destined for a brilliant pole vault career but she was tested positive to Vicks Vaporub. The trauma is still important. She often mention it and can’t leave her training equipment. When you sleep together she calls you Marcel, her ex-coach name. Nice-pole Marcel, people used to call him on the field. That blessed Marcel!

Emergency measure
Start with trousers and get her to wear jeans. Bet on elasthanne models, which will remind her good old tracksuit.

The example
Mel C, the Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls. Unbearable yesterday, hell of a milf today.


The dolly

She likes pink. Her room is a wasteland of flashy colors and knickknacks. You can’t even find any place to leave your jacket in the middle of all those figurines, and I don’t even mention her Christmas-tree-phone each time she receives a SMS. Her look is really to much, she wears platform shoes and very short skirts. I know how you’d like this.

Emergency measure
Get her change the color of her hair and remove her extensions, a session at the nearest haircutter is necessary to set all this in order.

The example
Just take the reverse path Nicki Minaj took. Just go the opposite way.