Welcome aboard!

Looks le 20 June 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Today is regatta day! Wind is blowing, the cloudy weather is interrupted by few sunny spells, the weather is ideal for a trip out to sea. Coffee on the run reading the daily news in a portside bar, and we are heading toward our vehicle moored just a few steps away. Few minutes remaining, enjoy some thin sunbeams through the clouds in the nearest square. The Captain now embarks in his 20’s two-masted ship, gives his latest instructions to the crew and then checks that everything is finally set up. Passengers are arriving to the boat, notables like workers, tempted by sailing across the Atlantic. Welcome aboard!

Shoes : Sperry
Trousers : Filippa K
T-shirt : Levi’s
Jacket : Suit
Bag : Ally Capellino

Photos : Charlotte Moitessier @ La Recessionista

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  • Fainst

    Hey !

    Excellent Shooting , u look great :p

    I really liked the 2 first ones, and the last one of course :) :)