The first waterproof t-shirt by AMH

Selected le 31 January 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

AMH (Ashley Marc Hovelle) has never made a big stir since their creation in 2009 in Ibiza. Inpired from 80s and 90s retro graphics, by optical illusions, this brand always try to bring something new to its creations, whatever it is for printing techniques or using unusual materials. We will focus on this latter point today. Through one of their retailers, the illustrious Topman, announces for spring-summer 2013 the creation of the first t-shirt made of a waterproof fabric! The t-shirt line is named AMH2o and offers plain t-shirts (black or white), patterned pocket t-shirts and full patterned t-shirts. As show on the shop, fabric is 100% cotton, but it is strictly impossible to find any further information about this new revolutionary material (well, feel free to share if you know about it!). Just a snag, there is a price to pay for such an invention…


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