Waiting at the Seven

Looks the 4 October 2013 by Max as "the driver"

Something pretty unusual has been happening around here. For the first time, we have teamed up with a brand for a photo shoot. It all started few weeks ago when we contacted Club Monaco to discuss working together. This is a new concept for us, so we have been making our way through the process as best we can. It was important to keep a Club Monaco vibe for this series, so we went to a fancy place in Paris called the Seven Hotel. Their bar has colour-changing lights, creating all sorts of different atmospheres. Max was the perfect model for what we wanted to show. He has the presence to pull off Club Monaco’s clothes perfectly – and had let his beard grow for a few weeks especially for the occasion. As we wanted it colourful, we’ve dressed him up in different shades of blue, which create some pretty nice contrasts with the changing lights.

“The holidays are over. It’s back to business, back to Paris. Sitting at the hotel bar, in this sophisticated, sleek place, I am recovering after a long day of hard work. My skin is still a little tanned, so I chance some colours – shades of blue – just to sweeten this return to reality. I’m relaxing with one of the barman’s daily secret cocktails, having left my jacket in my room. My mind, racing through the events of the day, is soothed by all these changing lights. That’s why I like to come here, to this highly original bar. To surround myself with all these purplish-blue tones. Maybe she’ll like it too.”





Shirt: Club Monaco
Trousers: Club Monaco
Shoes: Florsheim
Tie: Club Monaco
Belt: CLub Monaco
Watch: Briston

To see exclusive pictures from this shooting please visit Club Monaco’s Facebook Page

Thanks to the Seven Hotel, thanks to Joe and Romano for taking the pictures

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