Von Zipper Stache Sunglasses

Selected the 29 July 2008 by Joe the "tire-remover"

Let’s break out the sunglasses again, this time with a pair from Von Zipper. Founded in 1999 in California, VZ specializes in extreme sports eyewear, such as snowboarding masks. My favorite: the Stache in red, white and blue! They do the same style in 4 other colours: black, white, red and tortoiseshell.

Von Zipper Stache Sunglasses

The frame is relatively lightweight (31g), and made of Polycarbonate. The lenses, category 3, are slightly reflective, which offers better protection, but they aren’t polarized. Technically, these Von Zippers are nothing special but they’re a nice product, at a reasonable price. Perfect, for example, for special pair of sunglasses in addition to an everyday pair!

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