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If I say to you, “Dude, you rock!” and you reply “What? What’s the matter?!” I think you can skip to the next article to find your heart’s desire! Because this time, I’m talking about the collection of vintage t-shirts to end them all, one that makes all other t-shirts we’ve ever seen look like something out of your PE kit. Right, enough teasing!

On Worn Free, you can not only find, but also buy official replicas of rock legends’ t-shirts. And when I say legend, I’m not talking about Sir Cliff, but stars who have, for the most part, ended up in the gutter or surrounded by bits of tin foil, and whose music has been the soundtrack to a few wild nights.

worn free john lennon t-shirt

You can find the exact replica of the Grunge is dead t-shirt as worn by Kurt Cobain or even John Lennon’s Working class hero classic.

cobain flipper t-shirt

The prices are not too steep, around $40 for a t-shirt (although given the rising dollar, the advice would be buy early, buy often). If you buy wholesale you can get hold of t-shirts at around €35! More info at

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