Veja: which style?

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In 2005, the first Veja collection appeared: the Veja Volley, with a simple and refined design inspired by a 1970s Brazilian style. The idea was to make a beautiful but modest and unfussy product to attract people to the ethical idea behind these shoes.

Whether it was the urban side, the vintage look, releasing products in trendy concept stores or through word of mouth, success followed!

And even if it has been criticized for success in trustafarian circles, this eco-friendly brand continued its merry way: 3 years later, there are now several Veja styles whose colours change with each new collection.

Veja Volleys

The most well-known and classic style! They’re made from organic cotton canvas with a wild rubber sole.

Veja Volley

Veja Tauá Leather

The Veja Tauá is made from ecological leather still with the same wild rubber sole. New for the winter 2008 collection: the Veja V logo is tone-on-tone, giving the brand a more discreet signature.

Veja Grama and Grama Leather

This collection has a sole that uses much more rubber. With this style, Veja buys double the amount of rubber from the tappers and this allows a greater positive impact on the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. Also, each trainer has the number of grams (grama in Portuguese) of wild rubber contained in the sole. Veja Gramas are made from organic cotton and the Grama Leathers from ecological leather.

How to choose which style? Well, that’s easy:

  • Veja Volleys for the summer: they’re made from light canvas, which is perfect for the heat
  • Veja Grama for the spring: the cotton helps with the heat and the thick sole helps to stay dry during April showers
  • Veja Tauás for the autumn because the leather won’t soak up the rain during September storms
  • Veja Grama Leathers in winter because the leather will keep you warm and the thick soles will keep you out of the puddles!

So choosing a pair of Vejas seemed quite easy, although a degree of job sharing will be in order, or a new season will have to be created, because here’s the latest new-season creation: Veja The Grid!

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