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By this era, the key is be the more stylish as it’s possible but with the less carbon footprint. Well, I’ve the first step for you! Throw your wallet away and replace it with the Veja’s wallet. This “Projet Numéro 2″ is made with organic cottons and vegetable-tanned leather. You’ll do two good actions in one. First of all, the cottons is grown in Brazil, in the North East of the country, by a co-operative of producers and then you’ll make a lots of jealous among your friends. There is six different colours and they all suit with the smartest clothes. So, you can support the fair-trade and make your conscience clear in the middle of these times of capitalism troubles with just ONE little wallet! Who said “the first step is always the hardest one”?

€70 available from :
Kiosk 78
Veja store

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