Veja SPMA Multico Emeraude

Selected le 25 November 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

The SPMA (« Sao Paulo, Mon Amour ») is a style Veja released in 2009. Since then, each season they give the model many new colorways among which the “Multico Emeraude”. Of course it still meets all Veja’s ethical and ecological requirements with an Amazonian wild rubber sole, vegetal tanned leather (from acacia extract) and an organice cotton lining. Since Veja was created, the brand – which is a pioneer in such fields – kept improving its manufacturing process and limiting transport to reduce Co2 emissions its activity implies. Demanding as creative, Veja is a brand we follow with great pleasure since 2004 (which is also the creation date of our French fashion blog).

The Multico Emeraude SPMA from Veja is a very graphic colorway, it should be considered as your outfit’s key piece. So, go easy on the colors for the rest: raw jeans + blue, green or grey sweater. Ideally, dare a bright color echo with accessories (watch, hat). Here you are! Equipped to fight these time’s greyish atmosphere ;)

prix conseillé   €160

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