Veja Indigenos High Camel

From today, I am going to show you guys my purchases since the begining of the winter sales. There is a complete outfit starting with this pair of Veja.

It comes from the Indigenos collection resleased for AW10. I have picked the camel high version. Althought it might look a bit orange, their real color is tan. As you may know from our previous articles about Veja, their shoes are 100% organic. That is why they come without eyelets (because Veja cannot find an organic metal, so better worth not using some).

The Indigenos have a vegetable-tanned suede leather upper and a wild Amazonian rubber sole. I really like those details on the heels: a plain leather band in a contrasting brown also echoed on the tongue. One thing I like about Veja is: you do not have to wear them x times to feel comfortable during a whole day. You can even run a marathon as soon as you wear them the first time if you feel like. Theiy are both beautiful and comfortable and they match my navy trousers greately (I will introduce it you tomorow :x).

£90 from Veja

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