Veja Domingo Vintage Running Sneakers

Selected le 16 September 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

As we saw it at the Seek show in Berlin, Veja is releasing a new style this season called Domingo. Its design is highly inspired by a classic vintage running shoe except with their own personal touch. Then we can have no doubt about it, the Domingo is fairly traded : organic cotton with some tanned leather yokes set up on a amazionian rubber sole. A noticeable thing: the Domingo does not have any eyelet, then no metal piece, which makes them a 100% ecological made shoe.

A lot of things have changed since we previewed the collection this summer, the brand has given up on many colorways. Then, the Veja Domngo is released in seven different colors : Black, Charcoal, Grafite Freshmint, Grafite Geranium, Grafite Swedish blue, Mustard and Red. Except for the full black, we appreciate those little scatered touches of color, in particular on the Charcoal model finished with a lightblue sole. The shoes are already available in pre-order at Centre Commercial and at the Veja Store, unfortunately, you will have to wait the official release due to the 22nd of September.

€115 from Centre Commercial
€115 from Veja-store

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