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Selected the 20 February 2011 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

2000′s witnessed the Vans revival in fashion thanks to their classic models’ coming back. Then, lots of colors and patterns have been used on the Authentic and the Era to offer shoes for any taste. Summer is coming, and this must be the coolest shoes for the season. One of the largest choice I’ve noticed is from, so here is a selection from them.

Ok, it depends on your tastes. My top five comprises above all, colors and material mixings. A small amout of cords, another of quirky colors (like the purple one) and a classic one (like the green one). But my special mention goes for the denim one whith tartan lining. Those models, whatever the color you’ll pick, would match anything and will make you cooler thant you are. Well, I really can’t choose for you because there’s so much choice! All the more so Vans Website has a customization tool. Enjoy…

Vans Era WINDCHME/WT : £49.99
Vans Authentic Jelly BEAN/WHT : £39.99
VANS Authentic GOTHC/PURP : £39.99
Vans Era 59 DENIM/TORTOISE : £47.99

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