Twins for Peace : Be cool, be good!

Selected le 23 October 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Twins for Peace is a French sneakers brand created in 2009, with a moto suming up their philosophy well: “be cool, be good!”

“Be cool” is related to the sneakers themselves, with a contemporary, elegant and simple design. To go further, they are all produced in Portugal in respect of fair trade rules, and with Italian materials. Regarding the boxes, they are 90% made with recycled materials.

“Be good”, is for the project going with every collection (actually, one project per year). Helped by an association established in Brazil (2009), in Mozambique (2010) or in Colombia (2011) Twins produces shoes for local children. When you buy your own pair, you are kind of considered as a godfather, your purchase allowing to finance a pair for one disadvantaged children, still in the country where Twins operates its annual project. Once the season is finished, the earnings are reused in the country, either to help children or to stimulate the local economy.

As for the shoes, the autumn-winter 2011 collection has many models: the Boubou, the Lucho, two pairs of low sneakers coming in different colors, in suede like smooth leather. Those two are also declined in Hi-tops with a wool version for the Boubou. This latter is actually my favourite with a herringbone pattern, warm and stylish for the season. The whole collection is made with premium fabrics and with welted soles for an average price: around £100 for a pair of low sneakers, around £170 for some hi-tops.

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