Tsovet Watch

Tsovet watch

It’s been a long time we haven’t posted any article about a watch. Surfing Oki-ni website I came across this brand that I didn’t know. Tsovet watches are quite recent, they launched their first collection in 2008. The style is clearly inspired by aerospace and submarines, lke we can notice here (from the SVT-LX73). If I tell you guys that their mechanism is quartz basis, purists are gonne blame me for posting such a watch, but there are a lot of other good features about it. Let’s talk about the design, really sober, mixing steel and gold rose and with a black natural leather band, this watch seems completely in the current trend. Then if you can override having a quartz movement watch let yourself tempt by the Tsovet LX73 :)

prix conseillé   £299

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