Trousers London SS11

Fashion le 16 February 2011 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Trousers London is a young British brand, I’ve started following them few months ago. I recently had the occasion to meet the designer in a show, and I could have a real look to their jeans, which are reallly nice! Trousers London creates premium jeans paying great attention to materials (indigo, organic cotton), to manufacturing process (those limited editions numbered jeans are made in Italy) and to fine details.

SS11 collection’s main theme is urban nature. Pics are taken in parks of London. What a nice setting to highlight this naturally colored collection (white, lightblue, grey). Their “top billing” this year is called the T16. It features a crafty zipper all along the legs, allowing some cut changes. For example, you can switch from straight to carrot, or skinny.

The whole collection in available from their store : £200 for most of their piece, excepted for the T16 which will cost £263 (available in March).

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • Bill



    these jeans are just … AMAZING!

    If only the price was a little lower :

    Nice find, once again.

  • Wearer

    I like the design of these jeans, and i like crafty zipper,which can switch on from straight to skinny,, its depend to your style