Trémoulière Bag

Selected le 7 October 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

tremouliere bag

For back to school we fell in love with Trémoulière, a French brand who 100% creates bags in his homeland. Authenticity, simplicity and sturdiness are keywords to use at will when talking about their bags. Actually Trémoulière makes basics, practical, timeless bags that will never go out of fashion. Most important is about production which is entirely made in France, from choosing the materials to the end product. The collection is composed by duffels, messengers, totes, and weekenders. The ‘Seymour’ messenger bag caught our attention…

In addition to the style, what makes Tremoulière’s bags unique is its great attention to crafting: finish and fabric. Then, their ‘Seymour’ messenger bag is not a simple piece but something that you will keep for years. The satchel is made of organic leather and features a removeable shoulder strap, a zip-up external pocket and four internal compartments. Regarding the dimensions, they are quite reasonnable for the kind: length 38cm, height 30cm, width 12cm. With such a bag we can easily talk about real French chic… that’s what you French Truckers should all look for!

€395 from Studiohomme

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