My Top 10 pieces for 2012 (Romano)

Selections le 30 December 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Each year, when it is time to look back on your fashion purchases, you can generally find multiple categories, whatever they were practical, just for your own pleasure or both. Failed purchases: this was a good deal, but you already knew that you would soon get tired with it. Semi-failed purchases: I love this t-shirt, but I never find how to match it, so let’s leave it in the closet. Successful purchases, those you could wear everyday, unremittingly. I am focusing on this last category today, in a top 10:


1/ I was wearing this jacket in a series shooted at The Graduate Store, during the summer. If we can assess that it is essential having a denim jacket in your wardrobe, better choosing a beautiful one getting better with age. This one is from Ami Paris, I dreamt about it. €270 from Mr Porter

2/ Choosing new raw jeans is always a mini-event. Because you have to find the heir to those you dragged around in many adventures, those in which you feel so well that you would never throw them, for nothing in the world (despite female pressure)! All that to finally replace them by some extra rigid trousers mangling your hips. Even thought the first weeks were very hard (physically), this is a choice I don’t regret. As seen in the shooting “Killers always win” – €160 from Karmaloop

3/ This t-shirt has generated many questions, interpellations since it is mine. That’s true, such a graphic (squinty dog) may be strongly involved with this. €35 from Step Art

4/ Replacing this old bag I owned since 1992 was one of my 2012 goal. After his burial ceremony I looked from Bleu de Chauffe. The “Musette” is made of cotton and vegetal leather, well finished and offering sufficient space to carry my daily stuff. Some like their pockets, I love my bag ;). As seen in “Bordelais Street Style” look” – £137 from Menlook

5/ Gram shoes were presented here at the beginning of 2012. I was seduced straight away! So I did bet on a rigid canvas model made in collaboration with the Swedish Royal court provider. Still a little story to tell when someone notice your shoes, as is often the case! As seen in “The Love room” – $79 from Gram store


1/ If you’re looking for a new coat, I highly recommend you this one I was wearing in “A breath of fresh air” shooting published last November. It comes from Bleu de Paname, lined with a very warm fur, featuring wood buttons and irreproachably finished. Undoubtedly, this is a “must have”. £158 from Farfetch

2/ Steve McQueen or Paul Newman use to wear Persol 649 sunglasses. They have an aviator shape and they are quite heavy on the nose. I like their vintage tortoise colorway and the great classic from Persol: flexible arms. Always in my bag, even when the weather is gloomy, one never now if a sunray shows up :> As seen in “3 minutes flat” – £160 from my-Wardrobe

3/ A cheap, nice, fashionable watch, unpretentious. I’m a big fan of the Nato strap which colors doesn’t match everything, that’s true. But what’s cool with this type of strap is you can change it at will. As seen in “The love room” – €55 from Timefy

4/ “Pimp surfer” or “hipster”, call that whatever you want. Nevertheless this Denim & Supply overshirt is warm! Regarding its style, take it or leave it… of course I don’t wear it everyday, but daring color and a quirky pattern changes from the usual. It always have effect, even when you look at yourself in the mirror. And you can even wear it for a disguised party! – £69 from Stuarts London

5/ A good old pair of hi-tops from basketball origins. The Profi OG caught my eyes as soon as Adidas new collection pictures were released. With jeans, or chinos like in “3 minutes flat“, I wear them everytime: comfortable and stylish, I give them an A+! – €100 from Adidas


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