Tom Robinn Hyaluronic serum

Cosmetics le 28 October 2012 par Joe the "tire-remover"

It had been a long time since I had not tested anything from Tom Robinn. A French cosmetic brand which packaging has been redesigned since my first test. This product here is a hyaluronic serum. You may have heard about this barbaric term with hyaluronan (also called hyaluronic acid). Instead of collagen, this substance is more and more used to fill in wrinkles in aesthetic medicine. As you could guess now, this serum aims at soften wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkles are the kind of product which effectiveness is hard to evaluate, because wrinkles are linked to one’s lifestyle. As everybody knows, lack of sleep, stress, poorly-balanced diet, tobacco, sun exposure highly contribute to deepen wrinkles. Despite this I really felt the serum was working during my few-weeks test (not that I have such a decadent lifestyle). Such a rarity has to be noticed! Tested and approved mention for me then! And I’d be very curious in reading about your own opinion..

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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