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Hi guys,
Let me introduce to you the Earthkeeper range from Timberland. First, earthkeeper suggest some environment respect, and it totaly describes Timberland philosophy for those products.

Timberland very kindly send me over a pair of those boat shoes, the Earthkeepers 2.0 and asked me to make a review. Of course that was no problem. I just had kind of a prejugee about boat shoes, I was afraid to appear dressed like an old man, even if I know that boat shoes came back in fashion since a few years.

Let’s start with the packaging, which is 100% recycled materials made.
Following with the shoes, “designed to be taken apart when you’re done with them” so 90% of their parts can be recycled . They’re built with 42% recycled soles, 100% organic cotton and leathers from a tannery receiving a silver rating for its industry-leading water, waste and energy management. We’re now ok with the eco-conception speech, let’s talk about style.

My first question seeing the shoes : what could match with those particular colours and this unusual (personal way of dressing…)type of shoes ?

Don’t worry guys, it’s not as difficult as it appears. I had multiple choices, beige chinos, raw denim, beige bermudas from the bottom. 35°C here, I’ve chosen the bermudas. From the top, simple white tee or any coloured polo. Seriously I was surprised it matched with everything. Ok, I’m keeping it !

If you want to find them, they’re £84,99 from Office

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  • Tod

    They look great for summer! Didn't know Timberland for this style