The Unbranded Brand Jeans

The Unbranded Brand jeans - 14,5 oz


“No branding. No washes. No embroidery. No ad campaigns. No celebrities. Just top-quality rope-dyed 14.5 oz. Japanese selvedge denim”


This quote coming from Urban Outfitters website describes the Unbranded Brand’s philosophy well. Guys, we’ve been waiting for such a brand for a long time. Quality denim pieces are served in their “rawest” condition. Because nothing but marketing can justify paying $250 for our usual premium jeans, those are produced a traditional way and sold for only $80. They are raw selvedge denim made and slimfitted. As always with raw jeans, try to avoid washing them for several month and they will get more beautiful. Interesting…

prix conseillé   $78

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    It looks really great for only $78! :)

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