The Unbranded Brand Jeans

The Unbranded Brand jeans - 14,5 oz


“No branding. No washes. No embroidery. No ad campaigns. No celebrities. Just top-quality rope-dyed 14.5 oz. Japanese selvedge denim”


This quote coming from Urban Outfitters website describes the Unbranded Brand’s philosophy well. Guys, we’ve been waiting for such a brand for a long time. Quality denim pieces are served in their “rawest” condition. Because nothing but marketing can justify paying $250 for our usual premium jeans, those are produced a traditional way and sold for only $80. They are raw selvedge denim made and slimfitted. As always with raw jeans, try to avoid washing them for several month and they will get more beautiful. Interesting…

Where to find the brand

  • Urban Outfitters
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  • Joe the "tire-r

    It looks really great for only $78! :)

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