The Perfect t-shirt by Balibaris


Young brand Balibaris created what they consider being the perfect t-shirt, the one they’ve been dreaming about : really close fitted (without being skin-tight) with shorter sleeves (which you can even rool up), a chest pocket and a 100% cotton jersey construction (for greater comfort).


They manufacture it in a French workshop (near Troyes). The t-shirt exists in white, charcoal, grey marl, roundded collar or v-neck. As for me, I went for a v-neck marled grey. And quickly, it has become one of my wardrobe essentials (I wear it every time!). In a way this may be the ideal t-shirt with a fair price for such a quality. Big “tested and approved” mention!


prix conseillé   €30

sur Balibaris

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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