The perfect outfit to break the sound barrier

Advices le 15 October 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Yesterday evening millions of us watched this extraordinary event, a man broke the sound barrier in free fall. Few weeks after Neil Armstrong’s death, first Man to walk on the moon, Felix Baumgartner has become a hero for a new generation of people. His jump from the edge of space, 128,000 ft away from our beloved planet, propelled him more than 830 mph. The flying Autrian reached a top speed of 371 meters per second when falling. Even Usain Bolt would dream of it. Such an achievement got 100 persons working together during 5 years. Means used were worthy of the NASA’s, and the scenario of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Well ok! Ask Batman, Flash, Superman, becoming a superhero involves training, determination, bravery but also creativity to work on your image! Sorry Felix, but this outfit does not match the social status you’re lusting after. Daddy’s spaceman outfit did not match up the event. French Truckers’ editors tried to propose Felix 3 outfits next time he plans to break to sound barrier.

Outfit n°1 : Fashion military

A military outfit can recall a man’s past. Before embracing his superhero status the guy used to serve the nation modestly. To reach that level he has proved great organisation, determination skills. Since then he adapted his uniform according to his new status, adding fashion details such as leather straps or sparkling zips. Cf. clip “Je marche à l’envers” – Ophélie Winter (a French pop singer from the 90s).

Outfit n°2 : Futuristic

A futuristic outfit is a classic for any people leaving mother earth to conquer the universe. What’s better than a metallic armor to look like a robot? Some jerky moves and antennas on a helmet always bring the required extravagance for any superhero ambition. Cf. clip “Around the World” – Daft Punk.

Outfit N°3 : LATEX

Superheroes like red, it is no coincidence. Red symbolizes dynamism and audacity. No one can go unnoticed wearing red, that’s fortunate! Any superhero has to attract the attention so people can witness his achievements. An outfit made of leather or latex would better show his perfectly drawn muscles. Cf. clip “Oops!…I Did It Again” – Britney Spears.

Write us if you’ve got any other idea for him. In any case, we thank you Felix! You made us dream, almost 3 hours keeping our nose glued to the screen! Thanks everyone for his contribution for this improvised article.


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