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Fashion le 20 September 2008 par Junior the “conker”

Yes, of course you’re manly enough to wear a cardigan! Yes, yes, I insist, even with a shawl collar. At any rate, you can bet that a lot of your friends will try to steal it or at least won’t be able to stop themselves feeling how soft the knit is with the back of their hands!


And yes, without being the best cashmere style, the knit is chunky, generous and soft, and it shows! What’s more, you’ll be able to get the bus comfortably early in the morning without carrying a bulky jacket (remember: the summer is over, Paris switched to winter timetables on 1 September!).

Which coincides with the opening of three The Kooples stores in Paris. And perhaps you also walked through the doors without noticing the brand. Even thought I knew about the stores’ opening, I completely forgot and I walked into 3 rue des Rosiers without paying attention. Simply because I liked the look of the window display even though the shop itself was empty.

Before stepping through the door, I even looked up to see where I was; at The Kooples store. All of which leads me to tell you about the brand itself.

Their idea is, as often noted, to try to use so-called fine materials and make simple, well-cut garments, and to sprinkle them with details that make all the difference! Overall I find the collection a success. There is a decidedly rock influence and a focus on tailored cuts. The Kooples’ style tends towards androgyny, particularly in advertising where couples are brought together around a theme of sharing clothes.

So we see many unisex pieces at The Kooples such as jackets and cardigans, though it’s not really true of this one. Coming soon: the opening of our online store.

  • €180 from The Kooples at 31, rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris
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