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Advices le 11 October 2012 par Traz "the doc"

As soon as you find a work requiring to dress formally, you would have to get nice shoes, shirts, suits, a coat and adapted accessories matching your new outfits. Let us see what you will need :


Shirts would be the main piece of your closet, just as were t-shirts during high-school. Their Collar get dirty very quickly, then you should wash your shirts after any use, our advice is have one for each day of the week, plus two to prevent any hitch. With 7-8 shirts you could change everyday without getting stuck with ironing too often. To begin bet on basics: plain white and lightblue, then blue and white stripes.


Your job may require wearing a suit everyday, then you would need at least 2. As far as possible don’t wear the same suit two consecutive days so their fabric could breathe. Again, here you must bet on two basics: navy and dark grey (even charcoal). Prefer plain colored suits to start so nobody would notice you wear them frequently. In case you would like to start wearing someting different, try a sober pattern. Go for a third suit with fine stripes or Prince-of-Wales. To vary the outfits, you could also choose a three-piece suit worn with or without the waiscoat.


Shoes are the most inportant finishing touch of any outfit, they could even ruin all of your efforts. Once equipped with shirts and suits, you should find two suitable pairs. A reminder, do not wear the same pair two consecutive day, their leather also need to breathe (this is an upcomming article). To match a shirt, the best option is obviously Oxford shoes. A good start is to bet on a formal style: plain black with a cap toe and a similar brown one.


To brave the coldest weathers, the rain, you may need a dressed coat. Again, a classic style is a requirement, in a dark wool for winter and something lighter like a trenchcoat for mi-seasons.


Still to match your suits, a dressed belt is required. It should be narrow with a sober buckle. Its color should be the same of your shoes’. Then you would need two different belts, one black and brown for the other.


In many companies wearing a tie is required. In a way, this may be a godsend for those whose formal wardrobe is limited. It can give an impression of frequent variation, offering many matching choices with a limited number of shirts and suits. Sales, clearances are a good occasion to built a diverse and varied tie collection.


Do not waste such an outfit with some unappropriate bag. You need to carry a laptop, try to fight shy of the basic nylon laptop bag usually found at any department store: they are inelegant and clearly show what you’re carrying. Opt for a nice leather satchel.

In Summary :

7 shirts
6 ties (or more)
2 suits
2 pair of shoes
2 belts
1 coat
1 raincoat
1 bag

Budget : between €2000 and €3000

par Traz "the doc"

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