The Hill Side wool scarf

Selected le 20 January 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

I confess being partial for The Hill Side’s products. Firstly because they are making their products by hand in New-York, caring for fabrics and paying great attention to detail. Secondly because to me, they are the basis of a new subtrend derived from workwear, consisting in demystifying formal accessories such a ties or pocket squares tahnks to the use of modern materials like chambray. Anyway, I had spotted this scarf for a long time, and this is actually the first item I bought during the winter sales.

The Hill-Side did an excellent job with this scarf, my scarf. Details are fine, and its flecked indigo color renders a very particular way. Actually, this comes from the use of a special fabric they call “Wool Blend Jersy Knit Slub Tweed” (that’s quite a long name!), which means 65% wool, 29% polyester, 3% nylon, 3% acrylic. My feeling is: I am wearing a unique item, thick and fine at the same time, well finished and stylish as ever (ok, this latter is totally sujective)!

$110 from Need Supply