The Gorilla

The first day we arrived in Barcelona, this blue sky contrasted with the weather we had until then in France, do not worry, we easily adapted to this change. The sun soon leaved marks on our pale faces and on my bold head. So much that I should ask Romano to borrow one of his hat to avoid the traditional after-sunstroke-headache. Finally, I kept it the whole trip (and he offered it to me when leaving). The third day, we had totally embraced the Spanish lifestyle for eating hours (breafast at 4pm, dinner at 11pm) and for the colors we were wearing.

01-joe gorilla

04-joe gorilla

19-joe gorilla

This hat was definitely one of my favorite pieces for this whole trip in Barcelona, let’s just say the same about these Reebok ERS 1500. When walking a whole day across the city with your backpack searching for new shooting backgrounds, one knows how some comfortable shoes are much appreciable! In the direction of the beach we arrived to this little shaded square. I started to venture in this urban jungle and Romano drew his camera for this unexpected shooting.

09-joe gorilla

17-joe gorilla

These chinos from Cuisse de Grenouille aren’t the most appropriate piece to climb a tree with their slim fit but they passed the test brilliantly. On my back, a t-shirt from Coontak, a brand we haven’t mentionned for years! But you can understand me: as I saw this blond pin-up giving herself to some car mechanical repairs, I just realised this t-shirt was made for me ;-)

21-joe gorilla

18-joe gorilla

23-joe gorilla

Hat: Animal Bikes
T-shirt: Coontak
Chinos: Cuisse de grenouille
Socks: Topman
Sneakers: Reebok
BONUS: the gorilla dance.

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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