The Gatsby Style

A new version of The Great Gatsby was released this week. More than the challenge of turning a bestselling book into a movie adaptation, putting into pictures what is the Gastby style appears to be relevant to us. For all those who had the chance reading the original book – I would recommend it – from Francis Scott Fitzgeral, the author of a real monument of litterature stages Gatsby, a young Newyorkese millionaire living and enjoying the 1920s prosperous years. Gastby fascinates as much for his charisma as for his way to dress. We are going to focus on this last point.


Many adaptations of The Great Gatsby were made over the years. We will decrypt two of them: the 1974 directed by Jack Clayton featuring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow and of course, the one released this week by Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Careil Mulligan.

Ralph Lauren took care of 1974 Gatsby’s suits. His work on such a movie allowed Mr Ralph Lauren promoted him among the highest realms of international tailoring. In 2013, a brand we all know being the most emblematic of Americans’ formal wardrobe, Brooks Brothers dressed Leonardo DiCaprio. This is a real match between two high-end tailors to compare these two version of the Great Gatsby.

The 1974 versus 2013 match, Robert versus Leo, Ralph Lauren versu Brooks Brothers, Gatsby versus Gatsby can now start.

The countryside weekend

weekend gatsby

Leaving for a weekend in a cabriolet, no way wearing the same blue or grey suit as during the week. Here, Robert Redford opted for a brown suit as Leonardo DiCaprio chose a 3 pieces beige suit. Note that Leo would rther prefer 3 pieces suits all along his Gatsby incarnation. Robert’s boots are perfect for a weekend in the English countryside. Leonardo’s boater hat adds a holiday/relaxation touch to his outfit as the cane adds some dandy – like he needed that. Robert’s outfit suits more for a autumn/winter weekend as Leonardo’s is more adapted to spring/summer.

Advantage: Gatsby 2013
Piece making the difference: the boater hat

The Rendez-vous

rendez vous gatsby

A specialist may have advised Gatsby to dress on his first meeting, the guy just don’t kid with that! The 3 pieces linen suit is emblematic from the 1920s, both Gatsby follow the rule. To add a touch of color to some dull outfit, bet on a pocket square, cufflinks or the tie. By this way, we love Leonardo’s club tie.

In both cases, the actors wear what’s called a pin collar. It is a small bar allowing to raise the tie knot, its edges can be seen on the pictures. Generally, it is possible to ask for this specific collar for tailored shirts, with small rounded eyelets embroidered like buttonholes.

Advantage: Gatsby 2013
Piece making the difference: the pin collar and the club tie

The reception

reception gatsby 1974

reception gatsby 2013

The ideal occasion to get your smoking out of the closet. A tuxedo is certainly the hardest kind of suit to wear properly. Constrained by codes, this outfit don’t offer many options. Both Gatsby follow the rule: a silk/satiny small notched lapel and a black bow tie. A smoking has to be worn with a white bib shirt. Collar can be both “wing” like Robert Redford’s one and “turndown” like Leonardo DiCaprio. I rather prefer wing collars, matching greatly bib shirts. Three pieces smoking are quite rare, but that’s no really part of the tuxedo’s philosophy: a faux pas? Almost.

Advantage: Gatsby 1974
Piece making the difference: the wing collar shirt


End of the match, let’s count points, and the victory goes to Leonardo DiCaprio, even with a flagrant faux pas for the smoking. Enjoy your movie guys ;)

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