The Baguette Bag by Cyan

Selected le 14 August 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Some of you dreamt about it so many times, the others never dared even thinking about it, VIctoria Panyukova and Peter Mamchich, the creators of the brand Cyan (both with a stong experience in the fashion industry, it has to be said) are trying to launch the Baguette bag, the first bag ever created to carry your piece of bread! How could such an idea come to the mind of person with full mental capacities? Various speculations exist: fed up with breadcumbs on the passenger’s seat, of the cooling bread while coming back home, or just a stylistic crazyness! This project undergoing financing through Wowcrazy requires no less than €4000 to start. For what is next, few already expressed their need of different sizes: one for rounded loaf, another squared for white bread and a small for croissants to carry at the belt.

french baguette bag
baguette bag

The Baguette Bag pre-order is already available for a delivery in October. 4 different colorways are proposed: brown, green, grey and yellow for 30€ (helping to start the Cyan project). Some would even use it to carry their spear-gun.

prix conseillé   €30

sur Wowcrazy

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