Tellason Jeans

Today, that’s a fact, small companies are really making the denim scene moving on. They’re always held by connoisseurs. I mean by people having a strong experience of fashion and an expertness about how to make top quality denim pieces. Tellason completely fits this description. The brand was born from the willing to make a personal pair of jeans. Obviously, building your own jeans involves using the best materials, that’s how they started.

Here is the kind of jeans you can expect from such a jeansmaker. This is the Ladbroke Grove cut, a straight/slim fit with a slightly tapered leg and a low rise. All made by hand in San Fransico (the Mecca of denim) with a white oak selvedge denim coming from the famous Cone Mills, we can appreciate here all the attention paid to details on this magnifiscent piece : stitchings, copper rivets and a leather brand label made by Tanner Goods, proof of quality. These jeans will definitely last, and get better with age.

tellason front

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prix conseillé   £175

sur Peggs and Sons


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