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Differences between mechanical or quartz watches

le Wednesday 23 January 2013byTraz "the doc"

You can choose a watch according to various features: style, special functions, but you can’t deny the movement remains a key one to consider for any watch amateur. Two main movement types exists: mchanical and quartz. Here are few explanations about those: Mechanical Watches: Watch: Movado Datron automatic A mechanical watch movement is exclusively assured… Read more

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President’s watch by LIP

le Thursday 22 November 2012byTraz "the doc"

You must already know about Lip. Maybe one day your grandfther gave you his vintage Lip watch? As a matter of fact, this brand was created in 1868 and for ages it has been a leading French watchmaker. According to its past, full of emblematic models, Lip proposes two ranges: the Createur revisiting their 70′s… Read more

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Memento pocket watch

le Thursday 05 April 2012byTraz "the doc"

Pockets watches are definitely coming back! Last month Romano presented you a beautiful one from March LA.B. My turn now to introduce you my pick: Memento’s pocket watch. Originally from Hong Kong, this brand was lauched by Jereremy and Baptiste Guedez in 2012. The main idea was to revisit grand-father’s old school watch in a… Read more

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March LAB x Colette pocket watch

le Thursday 08 March 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Even if March LA.B is mentionned for the first time in the French Truck, we have been following it with interest since its very beginning in 2009. The brand was created by Alain Marhic and Jérôme Mage, the former lives in Los Angeles while the latter in Biarritz (hence the itinials LA.B). We really think… Read more

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Tudor Grantour

le Wednesday 05 October 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Visiting Tudor’s website is always a source of pleasure. They really create beautiful and particular watches on which cases look like a wheel, the dashboard is actually a dial, and buttons are inspired by gear shifts. Tudor’s Grantour line usually has eighth of a turn lockable chronograph pushers and technical lugs, all finished in satin… Read more

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LTD Watch Competition

le Thursday 06 January 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

LTD Watches are the new fashionable item to hit the streets. Each LTD watch is limited to only 100-150 pieces per colour worldwide, making these watches, without doubt, a sure bet this year. Usually the word limited means expensive but these watches come at a price that wont break the bank, they are affordable, of… Read more

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Triwa Nevil

le Wednesday 08 December 2010byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Fed up with watches drab colors, Triwa’s creators decided in 2003 to launch their own line. Just so you know, their first watch was orange, the first in a long colourful series. However my pick goes to a “colourless” one. This Nevil has lots of lovable features, as an acetane construction, and a contrasting organic… Read more

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Invicta and Stuhrling Original

le Friday 08 January 2010byJoe the "tire-remover"

It can be hard to find a watch that looks fun and fashionable without being juvenile. Here are two watches that express personality, but can still be worn to the office. This piece from Invicta Watches is quite bold, and sure to catch some looks. But, with a black leather strap and minimalist aesthetic, it… Read more

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Timex 80 Watch

le Tuesday 05 January 2010byJoe the "tire-remover"

Blue classic digital watch by Timex with a ribbed buckle strap and plastic face. This amazin watch features digital time, date, stopwatch, alarm and indiglo backlight! Water resistant. Sale price: €42 (Was €60.00) from My-wardrobe Get 20% off ALL items already in sale by entering voucher code “FRIENDS20″ valaible until Thursday 07th Janunary.

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Freestyle The Shark Classic Mid 80′s Watch

le Tuesday 15 December 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

Back to the 80′s with the “Shark” model by Freestyle. This digital watch has all the functions you need: two alarms, start/stop, lap/reset, and the famous “Night vision” backlight! I had so much with it! :) $38.98 (Was $55) from Amazon.com

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