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Question Air Winter Sales

le Wednesday 22 December 2010byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Regardless of Question Air modest sales I’ve made a selection there. The idea is to build a sailor outfit. It evidently starts with some fashionable hi boat shoes in which H by Hudson is specialized. To match them, some casual trousers might be appropriate, just pick a particular color like teal. Lets skip the graphic… Read more

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Sebago Docksides

le Saturday 04 December 2010byRomano as "the garagerocker"

The Docksides were born in 1970. At this time, Sebago was far to imagine how iconic they would become. Rubber slip resistant sole, leather laces and body, and a certain comfort have made the shoe what it is now : a Legend. Conceived for sailors, worn by everyone, these handmade shoes are extremely resistant, which… Read more

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Pointer Shoes

le Friday 29 October 2010byRomano as "the garagerocker"

I rarely write articles about Pointer Shoes. And yet, it should be more because they’re making great items. We could qualify those as some half/boat shoes. I think they are far from displeasing, and I’d get them gladly, proud of the mixing of their black laces and tan body. I’ve heard about Pointer’s quality, and… Read more

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