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Mickey T-shirt

le Friday 25 November 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

An Indonesian friend of mine once came back from holidays in its country wearing a Mickey t-shirt. I firstly thought it was very lame, the kind of piece in your wardrobe you are ashamed of. But as he was wearing it simply and nicely, the idea was not so bad, on the contrary! After several… Read more

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Alife sneakers

le Thursday 24 November 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Today I would like to highlight this underrated steetwear brand called Alife (that we all know). It has actually been few weeks now that I came across those two new versions of their classic “Everybody” sneakers, and I loved them. Mainly because they are carrying the codes of a classic pair of hi-tops with a… Read more

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Android Homme Propulsion Sneakers

le Monday 14 November 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

It has been a long time now that I am lurking on this pair of Android Homme, actually since their were released in September. What I like the most on these Propulsion 2.5 is the use of a tan color mixed with darker yokes. Those latter; the classic Android Homme reverse triangle on the tongue… Read more

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Grenson Brogue Boots

le Thursday 03 November 2011byJoe the "tire-remover"

I like the old-school style offered by these brogue boots from the english shoemaker “Grenson”. The Goodyear welted sole is 100% leather made, like the whole shoe and the upper has nice wingtip details. That is what gives this vintage rendering, and that is what we like the most on these Grenson. €234 from My-Wardrobe

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Autmn blue

le Wednesday 02 November 2011byTony the “Cement maker“

Summer has taken its French leave after having unexpectedly persisted till the early days of October. Leaves are starting to fall from the trees and I am feeling an irresistible need to snuggle up into a thick and comfortable cardigan. People often ask how to cloak themselves on mid-seasons, better not to think about it…. Read more

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Bleu de Chauffe Plombier bag

le Monday 31 October 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Did someone ever present you Bleu de Chauffe? This brand specialized in creating bags inspired from those carried by workers during the 20th century? First, you have to know that 100% of the production is made in France, in the Larzac and Sorgues Valleys. Then, know that all the materials used for their creations are… Read more

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Tantum t-shirts

le Tuesday 25 October 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Guys lurking on Endclothing must have spotted this new brand for few weeks now. The others might find it interesting. Tantum LA creates particular pieces with patterned pockets. Shits, sweaters, tees all feature a pocket with a cool african, camo, leopard, navajo or patchwork pattern. The quirkiest of them even show birds! Such a cool… Read more

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Twins for Peace : Be cool, be good!

le Sunday 23 October 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Twins for Peace is a French sneakers brand created in 2009, with a moto suming up their philosophy well: “be cool, be good!” “Be cool” is related to the sneakers themselves, with a contemporary, elegant and simple design. To go further, they are all produced in Portugal in respect of fair trade rules, and with… Read more

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Levi’s Workwear by Filson

le Friday 21 October 2011byTraz "the doc"

Levi’s and Filson, two big names of American Workwear have just released their new collab under the name of their famous capsule collection: Levi’s workwear by Filson, proposing new versions of iconic pieces of each brand. The autumn-winter 2011 collection is composed of five items. The first is the classic Trucker jacket from Levi’s, finished… Read more

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Nick Bronson Knitted Ties

le Thursday 20 October 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Looking for an alternative to The Hill Side, I have found such cool ties at Liberty! The brand is called Nick Bronson (the name of the creator). This family brand manufactures scarves and tie since 1948 in Milan, Italy. The whole collection of ties worth it, either for the patterned (stripes, dots) or for the… Read more

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