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Pendleton wool messenger bag

le Friday 20 April 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Few times ago we presented a striking messenger bag from Pendleton. Many of you did arrive too late, as the bag quickly sell out on the whole internet. This year Pendleton proposes a reissue for those who missed it. Its design still looks like a satchel and features a traditional pure virgin wool plaid body,… Read more

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Sebago Docksides

le Saturday 04 December 2010byRomano as "the garagerocker"

The Docksides were born in 1970. At this time, Sebago was far to imagine how iconic they would become. Rubber slip resistant sole, leather laces and body, and a certain comfort have made the shoe what it is now : a Legend. Conceived for sailors, worn by everyone, these handmade shoes are extremely resistant, which… Read more

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Freestyle The Shark Classic Mid 80′s Watch

le Tuesday 15 December 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

Back to the 80′s with the “Shark” model by Freestyle. This digital watch has all the functions you need: two alarms, start/stop, lap/reset, and the famous “Night vision” backlight! I had so much with it! :) $38.98 (Was $55) from Amazon.com

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Fishermans Cap

le Monday 14 December 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

Here is the perfect fishermans cap you need to wear with your sailor sweater! A classic style in 100% wool. The cap is available in brown, grey, black. $26 from Amazon.com

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