Sword Umbrella

Selected the 10 September 2010 by Joe the "tire-remover"

Summer is about to end guys. Actually, we are already getting some grey and rainy days here in Europe :s After Romano’s Barbour umbrella, I introduce you this black umbrella inspired by a Japanese sword. It features a detailed sculpted handle, but the thing that I like is the shoulder strap so you can wear it on your back. Finally a good way to carry your umbrella! An original design for a common accessory.

Price: $25 at Amazon

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Where to find the brand

  • Amazon.com
Check the whole section about Umbrellas
  • Grounk

    This thing caused a panic in an american college (Atlanta) because students thought that the guy was carrying a real katana to murder people and called the police. After that, this umbrella was banned on the campus :).

    So be warned that you can get a SWAT team come after you with this umbrella ^_^.

    Full story: http://newslite.tv/2010/08/19/samurai-sword-umbre

  • http://www.frenchtruckers.com Romano from Marseill

    Lol, in a certain way, that's a funny story…

  • Megion

    ahhha, nice story.