Super Sunglasse : Visiva collection

We have been following Super sunglasses for a while now. Why w’re never tired about following them with such interest, season after season, is mostly because they manage to surprise us each time they release a new collection (just like a fashion brand, they release 4 collections a year). For autunm-winter 2012 the Italian brand spoiled us with its oweflowing imagination. Last year they started producing few printed frames, then kept using them for spring-summer 2012. It looks like they’ve built a momentum this season with a collection ispired by humanism.

Lenses are still provided by the German Zeiss, a high quality standard in such field, then frames are still handmade in Italy (cf : the video called “manufacturing Super Sunglasses“), of acetate they print with their own sorcerer recipe. Besides printed frames, they’ve also added printed canvas frames. First time you see that will surpise you but it is really well finished. Finally, some of their frames are embossed, then painted to render like african paintings. No new frames for this season but emphasis is put on these prints all sported by existing frames : Papyrus, Anatomy, Animal, Forest, Marble or Tapestry, which one do you prefer? (my vote goes for the latter)


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