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Sunpocket is a 1970′s sunglasses brand raising from the death. At this time, those unfolding glasses were very popular in the French winter sports resort and the French Mediterranean coast, mainly worn by fashionable and upper class people. The 80′s have seen the expansion of the brand into something much more coloured, finding now favor in hipsters and “hotdog” skiers’ eyes (it really matches the South of France men). Few decades later, Jacob Höglund stumbled upon a pair of Sunpocket in its family stuff in Trysil, Norway, and decided to give rebirth to this famous 70′s iconic brand.

Still foldable, it could not be otherwise, the sunglasses come in two authentic styles : the Sunpocket Sport and the Sunpocket II. In line with their past, 16 colourways and 3 different lenses (oily, shimmering blue and granite) are released for both models. Don’t worry, these are not rubbishy glasses, protecting from UV, sunrays and reflection off the sea and the snow. Nicely priced and stylish as ever, that’s all what we need for holidays guys!

£49 from Glass boutique

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Sunpocket Original

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