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Trends le 4 March 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

The winter sales have just ended and the Spring – Summer 2012 collections are already out there! This year Frenchtruckers had the opportunity to attend very exiting showrooms,  discuss with Fashion designers, and review tons of lookbooks ! So I guess it’s pretty much the right time to take a closer look on the newest menswear trends of the next 6 months. Hallelujah!  this new season is getting colorful and a strong 90’s vibe is in the air…Let’s check it out !




Sportswear has come back, it may be the biggest trend of this summer and even of the next winter. Although the ultimate seasons’ collections were more sophisticated and authentic, we’re heading this time towards a more casual and cool urban sportswear look. Put back on your old 90’s fleece-made sweatshirts especially if you still have those with the silkscreened prints of sports grounds and flowery Californian beaches!



The amy look is still kicking this season, from the custom fit blazers to the camouflage parka and beige or khaki long coats. Check out APC, Ben Sherman, Edwin or Woolrich if you want to have that full army style. It can also be matched with a more workwear or preppy style.



It feels like the preppy trend has been out there for at least 10 seasons now! Yup, it’s kind of the case and it will continue again and again. A wide range of colors are available in a more refined fabric and softer textures such as linen, jersey and so on. Welcome back Derbies shoes, striped blazers and clubbing ties! Roll up your Chinos and please… Don’t ever try to put socks on.



Screen-printed patterns from all places in the world will get big success this summer and it’s maybe time to give a fresh and exotic vibe to your look!  Navajos, African tribes, and Californian surfers motifs will be the main feature of many summer collections. Pendleton is possibly the most popular reference although more and more ready-to-wear brands are onto this trend. So get ready for the sunny California season!


SS12 is definitely getting popy, colors have set the tone: the more colorful you look, the freshest you’ll be: from the flashiest tones to plain blue, yellow, red, and orange. Enjoy yourself and get arty!


As wacky as it may sound, layering different tones on tones from the same color will be a challenging way to get dressed with class this summer. Don’t be too monotonous and get creative by combining different shades. Check out below the colors of the upcoming summer:



Blue ? again ? Well, not exactly. If indigo blue remains in the spotlight such as jeans and workwear clothes, this season will see the introduction of a more flashy tone: steel blue, electric blue, primary blue and other kinds of pastel blue



Canary yellow is a not an easy color to wear, that’s a fact. So if you don’t feel confident of taking such a risk, you may feel more comfortable wearing lighter tones such as mustard. The tone-on-tone yellow look is not a strict necessity, so think smart and keep it cool!



White is a fresh color especially when you know you will not mess around with it. That is NOT my case… It gets dirty in no time and I’m always afraid to look like Eddie Barclay in his late life. However, when the sun is here it’s just an easy color to combine with. Still, take it easy with the full white, just saying…!


Matching the current trend of the army look, beige will be available in a wide variety of pieces of clothing and in many styles of fabric. Just help yourself to see what it fits!




Tribal patterns have been progressively appearing in some collections for quite a bit now. Taking inspiration from the Indian-American roots and from African tribes, patterns will probably make a hit this summer. It’s colorful and wacky. Still, they are to be worn with caution. You can for instance combine them with more neutral pieces of clothing. To have an idea, check out Pendleton, opening Ceremony, Penfield, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply or ASOS and Topman.


pantalon our-legacy ss12

Okay I agree it may look tacky, but I’m warning you, don’t get too freaked out to find these patterns on bottoms, shorts and shirts this summer.  I know this style has a strong nostalgic 90’s feel,(back when daddy would wear this kind of thing ha!). However, it can really look good when matched with plain outfits. Floral patterns add something cool to your style and enhance your laid-back attitude. Swedish Our Legacy has taken it further trading their Fair Isle for the flowers. Check out Ben Sherman also .


Junk de Luxe SS12

Horizontal and vertical stripes are still trendy in these Spring–Summer 2012 collections. The classic  sailor shirt remains a source of inspiration for many fashion designers. Beyond the usual Breton brands, we have noticed many other sweet striped clothes as in APC, Ben Sherman, Filippa K, Junk de Luxe or Melinda Gloss.



Here they are again and no one knows when this trend ever ends!  Check shirts have surely become with time men’s classic pieces of garment.  They are everywhere even amongst unexpected brands! Not only shirts are concerned but also all categories of clothing (including blazers and shorts). Available in many different colors, it’s going to be tricky to dodge checks this summer!


Camouflage is certainly the most remarkable feature from the whole army style. This pattern can be found on shorts (APC, YMC) and shirts (Edwin) this season.  Matching camouflage motifs with darker tone outfits is really advisable if you want to avoid looking like a duck hunter!




Comfortable and casual, fleece-made clothing usually makes us think of sweatshirts and jogging bottoms. The reason why we love them so much is they turn out to be really useful when we hang around at home on a lazy Sunday! Yet, Fleece fabric has seen many changes this season, moving from the classic sportswear outfit to a more urban casual style.



Thin and warm, more and more brands are getting into cotton-made fine knit clothing which is perfect for fresh summer nights!


Chic Swagger looks are set to last this summer! Linen turns out to be  a pretty good fabric to make you feel cool and elegant when the temperature is hitting high this summer. From t-shirts, to jackets and bottoms, there will be plenty of choices to enjoy yourself!




Watertight, soft and stylish, Parka remains in the front line of the fashion trends in this mid-season! Personally, I have been collecting parkas for a couple of years now, so I think I’m already set for 2012 :D



Sweatshirts are definitely THE must-have for the season, especially when it gets a little fresher on summer nights. Although sweatshirts are classic old-school pieces of clothing, they are soon going to be a hipster thing over the next months…



Chinos were really popular last summer and there are more to come this year in a wide range of pastel colors!



Bermudas are getting even shorter this year. Now they have a more preppy/ rock’n’roll twist which is just perfect for the beach and nice suntans!


If you don’t have a pair of derbies yet, it’s maybe time to start thinking about it.  Classic or modern (with a coloured sole), derbies fit any style whether you like it chic or casual. Check out all these lookbooks, did you notice how models put them on without socks? What a foolish thing to do! Okay, It can be fun to pose a little with it, but you would not want to hurt your feets and damage your shoes with sweat. In real life, you shall consider using talc (and an anti-smell spray) and putting  a soft pair of ankle socks on ;)


The Espadrille is the best feature of the current fashion trends. The French and Spanish know-how continues to inspire trend setters, taking the espadrille to the next level. Available in many colors and motifs, more and more casual shoes embrace the weaving style of the espadrille so to keep it nice and fresh.



Backpacks having been making a hit for 2 seasons now. Taking roots from the workwear background, their old-school style and sweet comfort will sure be appreciated by many of us!

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