Spring-Summer 2013 trends

Trends le 8 March 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

You are now used to follow season after season our trend review. This is the result of many meetings on tradeshows with brands, dissecting many catalogues to finally propose a review of the most emerging trends for the season. Let me say straightaway, this summer will spread a bunch of colors in your wardrobe!



Ben sherman ss13

If we were to nominate movies which have inspired all male fashion trends since their release, « The great Gatsby » would most certainly be one of them. Year after year, the Robert Redford sophisticated chic look seems to come back every summer. Light beige or brown shaded suits and their striped navy homologues, the three-pieces alternative (which is to be gently manipulated), or club ties and double-breast blazers, are a reliable guide line we recommend for next season (the american traditionnal preppy style could be a fair interpretation of it, though probably more colourful and modern than its elder).


Bleu de Paname SS13

Again and again, the marine style is under the spotlight this sping-summer 2013 season. Many brands will use horizontal stripes in their creations and propose their own version of the traditional Breton top (the French call “marinière”). Waterproof jackets will also invade the shop shelves, findable in many shapes: trench-coats, oilskins, windrunners and parkas in basic colors (navy, red, yellow). Boat shoes will also be presented in many colorways and shapes. In a wider image, this trend is to be taken in a sportswear spirit.

Sportswear chic

Gant Rugger SS13

At the crossroads of preppy, marine and workwear is located sportswear chic. A trend towards which converge all the other. Tinged with bright colors, embodied by blazers, chinos, fine knitwear, loafers, white sneakers, sandals along with lightweight scarves. An hybrid look to take in the broad sense. For that matter, carefull not to “drift” into a “sunday golfer”, “holiday daddy” or “well-bred guy” look.

Total denim

allsaints ss13

Denim is most certainly the favourite fabric of real men! If the use of such a material remains inbued with tradition, it is still a great source of creativity for designers. So, the spring announces again many denim pieces, lighter, and worn in “total denim” outfits. For most of the time, specialists denim brands will use those in unmatched outfits, sometimes puttin together bright jackets and black jeans, or selections of raw tone-on-tone jackets and trousers.


Noticeable thing: many creators, which most of them are Scandinavian, propose loose silhouettes this season. With longer and wider shorts (looking a bit like Japanese kimonos), very loose t-shirts and straight cutted trousers. We would use them sparingly.

Most of the time, cuts remains fitted for blazers, trousers we would also find shorter than usual.


colors ss13


Spring is the season when plants flower again, sun reappears, faces regain colors. Just like this season’s trends actually, which will offer an explosion of color. Mostly thanks an omnipresent preppy vibe which has been surrounding menswear fashion for a decade now. This necessarily comes with flashy colors. The rainbow will take over our whole wardrobe with electric blues, canary-yellow, scarlet-reds, oranges, emerald greens and even pinks.


In contrast with such a colorful trend, maybe influenced by Hedi Slimane’s joining Saint-Laurent, stands out a black and white trend we would find on basics: leather jackets, formal trousers and of course the ever white shirt.


In minority, some pieces will come in very natural shades, like washed out with time. At least these would be colorful, a great match with brighter pieces for all of our spring outfits.


SS13 prints

The spring-summer 2013 season would see plenty of new prints coming out, following the trend of these last three years. Well, it may be sure we won’t wear crazy prints every day, but it still cheers up an outfit. Because most of time they mix different colors, enlightening a silhouette. Few brands even dared trying mixing up totally diffrent prints, but less to say is that’s a bit risky.


The flower print trend came back in the early days of spring 2012. It’s under the spotlight this year. Careful, the “Magnum-hawaïan-shirted-look” is not coming back, but really something neater: tucked into pants shirt with a denim jacket. Yes, shirts will better sport this kind of print.


Once again, following with last year, the camouflage pattern will be central in 2013. Here, no military looks but again cleaner outfits and a print to use by little touches. It would be proposed on many mi-season jackets, t-shirts and few shorts.


Squaer, line, circle, triangles will adorn many menswear pieces like shirts, t-shirts and even trousers.


As for materials, cotton will predominate this season, in all of its shapes and on any available support. In addition to that, flannel will also be used for mid-season pieces, and many technical materials for sportswear clothes: nylon for jackets or jersey for t-shirts for example.

Key pieces


folk ss13
A very light coat, in waxed cotton or nylon, waterproof to protect from the rain. Those who’ve been planning to get one for a long time would find a wide choice this season, and it’ll be available under may shapes: single-breasted trench-coats for most elegant outfits, or traditional breton oilskin for most casual ones.

Safari jacket

APC spring summer 2013

The safari jacket was an Africa inspired piece Yves Saint-Laurent made popular in his spring-summer 1966 collection. This item, halfway between a jacket and a cotton shirt, has many flat pockets on the front and is always fitted at the waist. The safari jacket is back guys! Especially from many French brands revisiting it their own way, in colored and patterned version.

Aviator jacket

bomber jacket april77

The bomber jacket was traditionally worn by the U.S Air Force soldiers. Landed during the 1950s, it has taken over years an important place in our wardrobe, mostly from lower class people. The jacket has snug cuffs and waist, it is basically made of nylon and lined in orange. This year it is proposed in various materials (wool, classic nylon, cotton) and casual, military or sportswear styles (varsity)

Double breasted jacket

j lindeberg spring summer 2013

Preppy is always attached to the double breasted jacket! Incidentally it will invade shop’s shelves this season. This piece has proved its elegance over the years. To wear it, the best thing to do is betting on soberness, in basic colorways: navy, grey, Prince of Wales… The boldest of you could try wearing it with bright trousers, the most chic could keep it classic with matching trousers and a fine pair of double monk shoes.

Loose knitted sweaters

KCA ss13
A real trend actually. Many mid-season sweaters, cardigans will be loose knitted, sometimes even leaving the shirt appear. Most of the time, the use of a fine material would give a “ethereal” render. These sweaters could be found in graphic versions, but in general designers have kept them simple: rounded collar and plain color.

Printed sweatshirt

Libertine libertine spring summer 2013

Sportswear has deeply invaded our wardrobes since last summer, especially sweatshirts which made a great come back (while we though they died at the end of the 1990s). Here it is, coming in every kind of color and pattern (even the quirkiest ones).

Striped t-shirt

Etudes SS13

The traditional sailor “breton” t-shirt is a great classic, no need to make presentations here. This year it would come in its original shape, in revisited versions as well, with a wide variation of details. It would greatly match sportswear raincoats in “total” outfits or we could think about something more elegant with formal trousers and derbies.

Pleated trousers

Maison Kitsuné SS13

Are chinos dead? Or maybe people can’t stand them anymore? The fact remains that brands went easier on it this year, leaving its ever enemy coming back, more chic. In casual outfits, sneakers could be tried, as they remains sober. In some more formal occasions, a different colored jacket could be an idea. As for bright colors, many brand dared a little quirkiness this season, this must be a slippery way.

Pleated shorts

As it is for trousers, shorts will also have their pleated versions, but this trend remains minor.

Shorter shorts


It started last year, shorts are getting shorter, over the knees.

Running shoes

New Balance 1500 Plum

These times running sneakers are on the roll. Vintage as contemporary, they matches everything and offer a great choice of colors, which many are not the best taste, so if you feel like trying something risky, keep it simple: no socks and chinos.

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