Sperry Brogue Shoes

Selected le 2 February 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

These derbies are part of my winter sales purchases. They are surprisingly coming from Sperry which is better known as a boat shoes brand. I have been hunting for this kind of shoes for a few time, they looked cool and they were nicely discounted so I decided to take them!

Upper is made of tan suede leather with wingtip brogue details. Sole is rubber made with a cushioning system added from the heel, guaranteeing a certain comfort. And they also are non-slip, featuring the Sperry’s classic system called “Wave-Siping” for an “ultimate wet/dry traction”. Leather laces are the same usually used on Sperry’s boat shoes, reminding the brand’s core identity. I guess that is why they called the model Boat Oxford… ;)

Even at the very first outing I could walk during a whole day without any difficulty. The shoes are quite light (9oz) as you can even run with them! Then we’ve got: stylish, comfortable, light and affordable… enough reasons to justify such a purchase.

£70 (£104.95) from Zalando.co.uk

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