Men depilation: what solution?

Whether it is about aesthetics or comfort, the beginning of the summer season could make you think about waxing this wild forest. The problem is: you are kind of lost in the middle of the tweezer, the razor, the depilatory cream, the hot-wax, the laser, the pulsed light, so what solution is better? Here is a recap of all your available options:

depilation tools

The Tweezer

It may be the ultimate tool to own for a pocket depilation.
Advantage: it is really efficient. The pincers removes the hair roots.
Drawback: this takes aclong time. Hard to even think about using a tweezer for the chest!
Then it is a perfect solution for the less hairy guys or a backup solution for the others.

The razor

The most simple and economical solution.
Big advantage: everyone already has one and know how tu use it!
Drawback: the re-growth of the hair is quicker (2 days) and harder.
Again, this is a backup solution.

The depilatory cream

Nowadays can be found “special men” creams but roughly speaking, only their packaging differ from women creams.
Huge advantage: it is painless, and relatively economical.
Drawbacks: it stinks and does not removes the hair root making the re-growth as quicker as using the razor.
Please note that you can also find perfumed creams which also stinks, but a bit less ;)

The wax

Yet I can see your hair ruffle as you start reading this paragraph.
Most certain drawback: it fuckin’ hurts! I thought girls were exaggerating, but actually not, I give them all my respect. The first time I went for a wax depilation I remember almost killing the beautician.
Advantage:However this remains the most efficient solution on a long-term vision. With it you’re in peace for 3 weeks. The more you do it, the less it hurts, and the less your hair grow. But this works only after doing it regularly for 6 month.
Don’t worry guys, it may be a bit surprising the first time, but it’ll get easier and easier.

The laser or electric depilation

Those two solutions are permanent. I won’t prattle on this topic as I’ve never tried both but feel free to give us your feedback if you’ve already experienced it. For the others, my advices is seeing a dermatologist first.

Here are the essentials! But many other solutions still exist: the jigsaw, secateurs, nunchaku but it is for experts only so I wont mention them. Best depilation wishes ;)

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