SNS Herning sweater

Selected le 17 February 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

The last knit I bought was from SNS Herning, and I absolutely have to tell you guys how great it is. Firstly the brand was created in 1931 in Herning, Denmark. The initials SNS come from the founder’s name: Søren Nielsen Skyt who started making knitwear in the mid 1920’s. He soon learned knitting skills, especially one called the “bobble” giving insulation attributes to its garments. This gave birth to their Fisherman sweater, which is still crafted with the same technique eighty years later. Today the factory is still located at the same place, Herning, where SNS Herning craft their sweaters by hand.

I really wanted an exceptionally knitted piece this time, so I immediately thought about this brand, whatever it would cost me.. Actually, I have heard so much good words about them, I had to test one of their creations at least once! My eyes were caught by this “Serarator sweater” at Centre Commercial. 100% Merino wool made and hand-knitted in Denmark, the sweater is also quite graphic with a patterned, minimalistic look (Scandinavian). Soft, warm and fine at the same time, I can say it now, it is the sweater I have been dreaming about many times!

€170 from Centre Comercial

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