Sneakerpedia Night

Selected le 6 January 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

French Truckers was here! We were invited by Foot Locker for the launching of the beta version of The project supported by Bobbito Garcia, DJ Clark Kent, Jay Smith and lots of leaders of the sneaker culture is about to begin.

After all the interviews in the Grange St Paul’s Hotel we moved to the Queen of Hoxton in the East End. And what a party! What a place! Amazing sneakers everywhere on every foot. After enjoyed the mojitos at the open bar I noticed there is an artist specially here to make every model of sneakers you want… In paper! But that not the last thing. My blue and purple Vans model were shot by the sneaker photographer of the event. And they gone on the wall meet all the other pairs which were here this night. In the same time you could registrate yourself as a member to and a gorgeous hostess take a picture of your shoes to put it on the website and start the sneaker knowledge adventure. I left the party with regrets but a lot of great mojitos inside my body and with the memories of a great experience. Thanks Foot Locker!

Author : Oliver

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