Sixpack hoodie

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: as promised, here’s the the latest episode in our hoodie special series. And this whole week, all eyes are on Sixpack.

Created in 1998, it was one of the labels that were part of the street culture movment. Avant-gardiste and ambitious, this daring brand makes waves. It launched unknown artists, constantly searching for new talents, a quest that eventually widened their image to International. The label forged itself a name and an image, and the whole community welcomed it: from artists to DJs, graphic artists to writers, fans and newbies, everyone was interested.


And today its reputation is made, as you can see! The artwork is remarkable and so is the quality! Mainly known for its unusual t-shirts, the brand offers some styles as hoodies! And they’re rather good, worth a look…

They’re available from €115 from their online store, or from Lazy dog at the Citadium.

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