Shoe trees

Selections le 11 September 2008 par Joe the "tire-remover"

To keep your shoes in good condition for as long as possible, the use of shoe trees are advised (all the more so if you’ve bought good shoes) These wooden gadgets slide into your shoes when you’re not wearing them to absorb humidity and to keep their shape. Look out for raw cedar or beech for their absorbent properties rather than a varnished model. And of course, choose shoe trees that match the size of your feet! Perfectionists and DIY fans can even try to adapt the shoe trees to their shoes by filing and sanding them into shape.

Shoe trees

If your shoes get wet, before putting them on the shoe trees, wipe the outside with a cloth, and put newspaper inside to absorb the excess moisture. Coming soon: a full shoe care guide containing all previously-offered tips.

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