Shanghai Fabric Market

Selected le 3 November 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

As a new Shanghai resident, I had to tell you about one of the most essential place of the city – except from the Bund – called the fabric market. It is the best place you can dream of to make all the tailored clothes you are missing. I personally tested for you the Lujiabang Road fabric market – metro Nanpu Bridge – where you can find hundreds of tailors and seamstresses. The best advice I can give you first is to go all over the building and its 3 floors to see what kind of clothes are available. Nevertheless, if you don’t find what you are looking for or if you have a really precise model in the lead, just bring with you a picture of it. The fabric market tailors will certainly have the ability to match your expectations.

Following friend’s recommendation, I have decided to go to “Milano Tailor”. Their corner is located on the ground floor, on the left side when you enter in the building. I suggest you to ask for Kate Xu. She will be able to inform you precisely on styles, cuts and fabrics. Give her only 10 minutes and she will take all the measurements she needs.

I was personally looking for a made-to-measure duffle coat and blue navy velvet jacket. The cut was evidently perfectly adjusted to my bulk and I have been surprisingly pleased by the quality of the fabric and the finish done with great care, particularly for buttons and internal pockets – see pictures below.

To try your tailored clothes, you will have to wait only one week after the day you ordered them. If you are okay with the shape and the cut, you can go back home with them immediately, but if you want to adjust some elements, you can get them back from the morning after.

I already plan to go back there next-end and I will certainly yield to an old fancy. I would like to order my first tailored tuxedo and pretend to be a respectable trucker. If you don’t want to be much extravagant, you can also order made-to-measure shirts and suits for unbeatable prices.

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  • Mark Mallek

    I have to say that I just ordered two coats, a suit, a shirt, and a pair of jeans from Kate Xu at Milano tailor, and had an absolute nightmare of an experience. I'm sad to say, that the work was done so late (one day over due) that I nearly missed my flight home. Furthermore, the items. Received were made hastily with very little attention to detail and poor craftsmanship. Specifically the cut on a top coat. Ordered was so huge that I had room to fit a filled backpack strapped across my chest underneath the coat.

    Kate seems like a very nice person, and I was charmed by her salesmanship. However as much as she claims to "help" her customers, when push comes to shove the work that I received was really subpar.

    I paid 780 for the coat I would not accept- and they only would return 500 rmb of my money back. I felt completely scammed and treated like a chump by these people.

    I will post a more detailed account of my nightmarish experience when time allows.

  • S. Murphy

    We were charmed by Kate who assured us that the six items we ordered would be ready before we left Shanghai. We had to keep calling over missed appointments, and finally received 3 items at 11:30 of the night before our flight; one was returned because it nowhere near fitted and looked nothing like the picture I selected. I was told that the puffy lining was necessary for the fabric to breathe. A further item was brought to the hotel the following morning.

    Of the 3 items we paid for, one suit was good and the other two rather rushed with insufficient attention to finishing details. The quality of the fabric was good, though.

    It's a shame. as I think this business has potential, and I told Kate this. She needs to make sure that she can keep her promises, turn up for arranged meetings and ensure consistent quality. Unfortunately, I couldn't recommend this service and I will be looking for another tailor when I visit Shanghai again shortly.