Selection Of Hats from Liberty

Selected le 7 November 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

There is no winter without a good hat and Liberty has understood that. Among their unrivalled collection, I have picked for you four models that will complement my wardrobe. First, for the most reasonable among you, Oliver Spencer has designed a navy and white stripe beanie hat. It’s quite a must if you want both to be a fashion plate and feel confortable. It will also give you a Scandinavian look and it will mix perfectly with jeans and big wool sweaters.

£45 from Liberty

The second one I chose is a baker boy cap from Christys’ hats. It should probably be preferred if you consider yourself as a wise man. Nevertheless, despite its discreet colour, it is an original choice considering the “Gavroche-style” inspiration and the traditional camel hair material.

£45 from Liberty

The third one cannot be considered as a brand new trend insomuch as wax hunter hat came back into fashion two years ago. Nevertheless, this Barbour model is the perfect one if you want to play catch-up. It is elegant, not so much extravagant and it is definitely the best way to keep your head warm during hunting nights.

£50 from Liberty

The last one I chose is a ruck bobble hat from Folk. What I like most on this hat is the loose-knit and the large ruck. The mix of grey panels and red color also make it unconventional. Besides, this kind of bobble hat returned as an essential accessory in the Shanghai French Concession. So it is undoubtedly a risky but trendy choice.

£65 from Liberty

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  • jackor

    all these hats are very helpful in winter and stylish also..!!!